GoFit - Padded Pro Ankle Weights - Black

GoFit - Padded Pro Ankle Weights - Black

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  • Tone and strengthen your lower body with these GoFit ankle weights. Secure hook-and-loop fabric seals prevent the weights from slipping during exercise, and soft padding lets you work out in comfort. These GoFit ankle weights help you target specific muscle areas without straining your body, making them a good choice for rehab exercise or high-intensity strength training.
  • Heavy canvas weight-bar-pockets and 20 weight-bars; 5 LBS each ankle weight; Padded soft-touch interior; Heavy-duty edge trim; Secure nylon strap with Velcro closure

  • Padded Pro Ankle Weights

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Model Number


Product Weight
10.05 pounds

Product Height
5.7 inches

Product Width
7 inches

Product Depth
5 inches