GoFit - Extreme Ab Wheel - Black

GoFit - Extreme Ab Wheel - Black

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$ 49.99 from Best Buy

  • Roll your way to impressive obliques with the GoFit Extreme ab wheel. Foot pedals and hand grips let you put different body parts through extreme paces, and the Go-grip tread keeps the wheel from slipping for safer exercise. The GoFit Extreme ab wheel comes with a training manual that includes suggestions for full-body workout routines.
  • 14-inches wheel diameter; Soft-touch rubber hand grips/foot pedals; Heavy duty foot straps; Quick change, fully adjustable velcro closures; Ball bearing axle; Flat pedals with textured rubber treads; Solid, premium rubber tire

  • Extreme Ab Wheel

GoFit - Extreme Ab Wheel - Black's More Specifications


Model Number


Product Weight
9.5 pounds

Product Height
3.4 inches

Product Width
14.8 inches

Product Depth
15 inches