Pioneer - SDA-BS1 Blind Spot Detection Kit - Black - Cover

Pioneer - SDA-BS1 Blind Spot Detection Kit - Black - Cover

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  • Increase your awareness while driving with the Pioneer SDA-BS1 Blind Spot Detection System. The innovative system assists in detecting vehicles entering your vehicle's blind spot zone. It consists of a main unit you install inside your vehicle and a License Plate Bar you install on the rear license plate. This bar easily installs without the need for any cutting or drilling. The License Plate Bar is equipped with built-in radar sensors that detect objects entering your blind spot zone around the rear and in the lanes on the left and right of the vehicle. Built for precision, these sensors use high-accuracy digital microwave radar technology to detect approaching vehicles. The SDA-BS1 has a detection range of up to 50 feet, and it provides interior audible and LED indicator alerts when vehicles or objects approach you from behind. It also alerts you to cross traffic approaching from your left or right when you're backing out of a parking spot or driveway. The detection system comes with a GPS antenna to calculate your vehicle's moving speed. This GPS requires a restricted speed to activate the sensors. Use the default speed setting of 20 mph or customize it from four speed options to suit your preference. Built for performance outdoors, the License Plate Bar has an IPX6 and IPX7 rating for water protection. The system's main control unit requires installation inside your vehicle. For a seamless setup, the black License Plate Bar along with the LED indicators, speaker and GPS antenna have a sleek, compact look. The SDA-BS1 License Plate Bar features a universal design that works with both metal and nonmetal bumpers. It must be installed in a horizontal position on the center rear of the vehicle for sensor detection to function properly. To accommodate different configurations, the SDA-BS1 can be mounted above or below your license plate. It is not suitable for use with offset license plates or on vehicles with obstructions such as a spare tire mount and rear bike racks. Effectiveness is also compromised if you are towing or have a permanent trailer attached. An optimal driver assistance solution, the Pioneer SDA-BS1 Blind Spot Detection System helps monitor your blind zone for added safety on the road.
  • Pioneer SDA-BS1 Blind Spot Detection Kit - License Plate-mountable form factor - 3 Year warranty - 50 ft maximum transmitter range - Siren - Black - Cover color

  • SDA-BS1 Blind Spot Detection Kit

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Model Number

Black - Cover

Product Weight
2.45 pounds

Product Height
3 7/10 inches

Product Width
13 4/5 inches

Product Depth
6 7/10 inches