The Defilers/Scum of the Earth [DVD]

The Defilers/Scum of the Earth [DVD]

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  • This double-bill DVD featuring a pair of classic "roughies" from producer and exploitation legend David F. Friedman gets a typically grand presentation from the folks at Something Weird Video. The Defilers and The Scum of the Earth have both been transferred to disc in the full-frame aspect ratio of 1.33:1, and the audio has been mastered in Dolby Digital Mono. The dialogue is in English, with no multiple-language options included. A large side order of bonus features have been included, including commentary tracks from producer Friedman, two vintage exploitation short subjects, trailers for nine rare "roughie" features (as well as two different trailers for The Defilers), drive-in intermission ads and "countdowns," a gallery of advertising art for period exploitation movies, and a recorded speech hawking books on sexual hygiene (which were commonly sold at theaters and drive-ins screening sex-oriented features). Finally, the disc also includes a "Let's Go to the Drive-In!" feature, which allows the material on the disc to play uninterrupted in a sequence which replicates that of a typical drive-in presentation of the mid-'60s.
  • The Defilers/Scum of the Earth

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