The Shoot - PlayStation 3 98222

The Shoot - PlayStation 3

Model: 98222

The Shoot

  • Product details:
  • Become the ultimate action hero

  • It's the most exhilarating, most dangerous and most action-packed blockbuster ever to be filmed — and you're the swashbuckling star. Jet off to an exotic set where, as Hollywood's leading action hero, you will face off against fiery explosions, sharp-shooting gunfights and futuristic robot battles. Just because it's the movies doesn't mean it's fake — every suave maneuver, every precisely aimed gunshot and every set-wrecking blast is the real deal, and it's up to you to make it happen. Do you have the accuracy of a sniper, the rugged bravery of a cowboy and the sleek star power of a dashing hero that it will take to pull this off? The set's been made, your lines are learned and it's time to experience The Shoot. Prepare to be thrust front-and-center into a film where you control the moves and you really fire the guns — with unlimited bullets. The action is in your hands when you pick up your PlayStation Move controller — unleash impressive attacks, expose enemies and even tear up the set using the power of your own motion. Want a sidekick? Team up with a friend and make the best action match-up since Luke Skywalker paired with Hans Solo. Get ready for your close-up — the director's looking to you, and it's time for action.
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The Shoot - PlayStation 3's More Specifications

Model Number
Product Weight
4.7 pounds
Product Height
6.25 inches
Product Width
6.5 inches
Product Depth
4.1 inches

Product Description

The Shoot is an over-the-top, first-person oriented arcade shooter that allows players to inflict mass destruction on the various sets of an action movie that they are also participating in. Gameplay features players shooting it out against themed enemies across these various movie scenes, using a single PlayStation Move motion controller which acts as your weapon and the PlayStation Eye camera peripheral serving as a means to track your position in relation to the sets you face. Actions possible with the Move motion controller include shooting, punching, dodging and special moves to take out enemies, but players need to remember that the movie scenes before them may also contain innocent characters. Avoid these bystanders, or you'll lose movie "takes," which serve as lives in-game. In marking your position, the PlayStation Eye also relates to enemies where you are, so players can expect return fire as well. The game's highly destructible environments also allow for maximum damage during drawn out firefights, eventually leaving nowhere to hide. Key Game Features First-person orientated arcade shooter featuring motion controller based gunplay utilizing the combination of the PlayStation Move motion controller and the PlayStation Eye camera peripheral Powerful special attacks such as Rampage, Showtime, and Shockwave, that allow players to wreck havoc on action movie sets that fill the game Highly destructible environments that can be shot away to expose enemies, secret powerups, bonus items and deleted scenes 5 themed movie sets including Haunted House Party, Outlaws, Robot Rebellion, Deep Perils, and The Mob Multiplayer game support for up to two players

Key Features and Benefits: Motion controller-based gun-play including powerful special attacks that allows you to wreck havoc on action movie sets Highly destructible environments that can be shot away to expose enemies, secret power-ups, bonus items and deleted scenes Five themed movie sets including Haunted House Party, Outlaws, Robot Rebellion and more

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