The Shoot - PlayStation 3 98222

The Shoot - PlayStation 3

Model: 98222

The Shoot

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  • Become the ultimate action hero

  • It's the most exhilarating, most dangerous and most action-packed blockbuster ever to be filmed — and you're the swashbuckling star. Jet off to an exotic set where, as Hollywood's leading action hero, you will face off against fiery explosions, sharp-shooting gunfights and futuristic robot battles. Just because it's the movies doesn't mean it's fake — every suave maneuver, every precisely aimed gunshot and every set-wrecking blast is the real deal, and it's up to you to make it happen. Do you have the accuracy of a sniper, the rugged bravery of a cowboy and the sleek star power of a dashing hero that it will take to pull this off? The set's been made, your lines are learned and it's time to experience The Shoot. Prepare to be thrust front-and-center into a film where you control the moves and you really fire the guns — with unlimited bullets. The action is in your hands when you pick up your PlayStation Move controller — unleash impressive attacks, expose enemies and even tear up the set using the power of your own motion. Want a sidekick? Team up with a friend and make the best action match-up since Luke Skywalker paired with Hans Solo. Get ready for your close-up — the director's looking to you, and it's time for action.

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$ 19.99 + tax from Best Buy

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