Rise of Nightmares - Xbox 360

Rise of Nightmares - Xbox 360

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  • Fight your way to your kidnapped wife using the hands-free controls of the Kinect sensor to rip your enemies apart from head to toe. The horrific world of blood and violence comes to life when you use your whole body to unleash brutal vengeance against your enemies. Terrorize your foes with knives, chainsaws or your bare hands and destroy the mansion's undead inhabitants while you fight to discover the location of your missing love. Rise of Nightmares sends you off on a horrific adventure through a madman's mansion full of undead enemies and mad scientists. Thrust yourself into the chilling role of a man on the hunt for his kidnapped wife. Put yourself at the center of the brutality as you use up to 40 weapons and your fists and feet to destroy enemies in your path with the power of the Kinect. Explore the castle and uncover hidden secrets that take you further into the mind of a deranged madman. Lose yourself in the engaging gameplay presented with immersive cinematics that pull you into the twisted world. Will you find your wife before you succumb to the horror of the Nightmares?
  • Destroy the enemy as you maneuver through Viktor's castle in search of your kidnapped wife

  • Rise of Nightmares

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5.70866 inches

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3.94 inches

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