Mario Kart 7 Standard Edition - Nintendo 3DS

Mario Kart 7 Standard Edition - Nintendo 3DS

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  • It's time to prepare your strategy and get your kart ready to race across the dusty desert course. The competition with be tough, but you've equipped your kart with giant tires so you can expertly careen through the off-road track. Racing takes strategy, customization and of course, skill and you have everything it takes to win the race and become a champion of Mushroom Kingdom. The race is on and the excitement of Mario Kart is back and now in stunning 3D on your Nintendo 3DS with Mario Kart 7. Reach new heights as your kart soars over track shortcuts with a special wing and plunges into the sea with a propeller. Customize your vehicle with accessories to suit the track, whether it be big tires for off-road tracks or small tires for city courses. Race as your Mii or one of your favorite Mushroom Kingdom characters, and take on exciting courses over a mountain road, through city streets, across a dusty desert, around new courses on Wuhu Island and in the jungles from Donkey Kong Country Returns. Compete with up to eight racers for fierce competition with your friends or other players around the world. The race is on.
  • Zoom through new courses in stunning 3D

  • Mario Kart 7

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0.277782 pounds

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5.70866 inches

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3.94 inches

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6.88976 inches