ArcaniA - The Complete Tale - PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 U2028

ArcaniA - The Complete Tale - PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

Model: U2028

ArcaniA - The Complete Tale

  • Product details:
  • Become the warrior of fate and don the role of the unnamed hero

  • In the land of Myrtana, a greedy, power-hungry king has brought about an age of turmoil and civil unrest. His covetous gaze has turned to the southern islands and he has made it his mission to conquer them, no matter the cost. Only you have the insight into the mysterious ancient power that rests in the center of the resulting conflict, and only you can end the war. Fast forward to the future, where the now sane King Rhobar III has called upon you once again to act as a worthy champion. A mysterious demon wreaks havoc on the coastal city of Setarrif, and you must navigate a route blocked by monsters, churning streams of lava and deadly dungeons to rescue the frantic population. ArcaniA: The Complete Tale pulls you into the worlds of ArcaniA and Fall of Setarrif, which take place in a past and future where it's up to you to don the role of unnamed hero — to be the chosen warrior of fate. Enter the empire of Myrtana in ArcaniA and experience a dynamic, action RPG experience with convincing character development that lets you hone a wide range of skills and abilities. The compelling main storyline is peppered with numerous side quests to keep the action up, while the lively, compelling, fantasy medieval setting keeps you immersed. With more than 10 hours of all-new gameplay, featuring 15 new main quests and multiple side quests, Fall of Setarrif brings you back to the series and allows you to play as other famous characters from the Gothic series for the first time. Journey through new locations, from cities to coastal regions to volcanic mountain ranges, and meet loads of exciting new characters. A variety of new items and weapons complement your abilities and help you further hone your skills. With a slew of daring adventures and an array of challenging obstacles, ArcaniA: The Complete Tale delivers an unforgettable role-playing experience.

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$ 19.99 + tax from Best Buy

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Mi-Clos Studio

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0.58 pounds

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2.95 inches

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3.94 inches

Product Depth
4.92 inches

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