Nintendo - amiibo Figure (Bowser)

Nintendo - amiibo Figure (Bowser)

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  • You've dived down pipes with Mario and Luigi, teamed up for hairy, barrel-rolling fun with Diddy Kong, taken on boxers of all sizes and shapes as Little Mac and more. Now, you can bring your favorite Nintendo characters alive with new amiibo figures. Team up against bad guys, solve challenging puzzles and even Smash the competition in thrilling battles. With Bowser on your side, you'll have the power of Mario's arch-enemy with you in battle. Are you ready to discover a brand-new way to interact with everyone's beloved Nintendo characters? Jump into the fun-filled, thrilling adventures of your favorite Nintendo Wii U games, including Super Smash Bros. with your favorite Nintendo characters — who can now come to life. With this amiibo figure, you'll get to discover the power inside of Bowser. Tap your Bowser amiibo figure to your Wii U GamePad to bring him to life in your compatible game. Use multiple amiibo at the same time to expand your gameplay fun. Add your amiibo to the thrilling, action-packed combat of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Wii U, and experience an all-new way to battle it out. Level him up to CRUSH your opponents, supercharge his stats and expand his abilities. When your favorite Nintendo characters come to life, the gaming possibilities are endless.
  • Discover the power inside of your favorite Nintendo characters with this figure

  • amiibo Figure (Bowser)

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Product Weight
0.36 pounds

Product Height
7.48 inches

Product Width
5.08 inches

Product Depth
3.62 inches